Drops and Withdrawals

Before the first day of a semester, students may drop classes in one of three ways:

  1. Online through Coyote Connect
  2. In person in the Office of Student Services or at one of the Education Centers
  3. By emailing admissions@wc.edu from your student email account.

After the first day of a semester, students who have not previously registered for classes will be allowed to register through the end of late registration with the assistance of an academic advisor. There is no fee for making a class change during this period; however, tuition charges may be adjusted which can impact the student’s tuition balance. Please refer to Weatherford College’s General Refund Policy.

After the official census date, a student can formally request to be withdrawn (receive a grade of “W”) from a course by completing the Course Withdrawal Form. For Fall and Spring terms, the official census date is the 12th day of the semester. Please refer to the college calendar or speak with an academic advisor for information regarding census date as well as details regarding the last day to withdraw.

Course withdrawal is initiated by the student completing the Course Withdrawal form. This form is found online or can be received in Students Services. A student cannot withdraw from a course within the Self-Service. Course withdraw requires the signature of the instructor of record (recommended) or by an appropriate administrator. Students taking an online course can present an email from their instructor serving as the instructor’s signature. Students receiving federal financial aid, veteran benefits, or residing in student housing are required to speak with the corresponding office to discuss the impacts of course withdrawal.

After the instructor of record or appropriate administrator has signed the Course Withdrawal Form, the form must be returned to Student Services for the withdraw to be completed. Course withdraw documents may be mailed to Student Services at 225 College Park Drive, Weatherford, TX 76086, faxed to 817-598-6205 or emailed to an academic advisor.

Non-Attendance in a class will not result in a student being dropped from the class. All class drops, except enforced and administrative withdrawals, must be initiated by the student.