Name Discipline Position
Neel Jain Business Adjunct Instructor
Alyssa Griffith Medical Health Services Management Adjunct Faculty
Fawn Aldrich History Dual Credit Instructor
Margarite Anderson English Dual Credit Instructor
Dr. Leon Abbott Psychology Professor
Jared M. Abraham English Associate Professor
Issa Abu-Eid Information Technology Adjunct Instructor
Jamelle Adisa Music Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Diann Ainsworth English Professor
Dr. Bill Alexander Industrial and Automation Technology Program Director
Allison Allen Child Development Dual Credit Instructor
Jim Allsup Agriculture Dual Credit Instructor
Tina Altum English Dual Credit Instructor
Caitlyn Ammons Nursing Instructor
David B. Anderson Fire Science Degrees Professor
Bianca Anderson Mathematics Adjunct Instructor
Amber Anderson Cardiovascular Sonography, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Adjunct Instructor
Peggy Armstrong Psychology Adjunct Instructor
Richard Armstrong Geography Adjunct Instructor
Amanda Arrambide Speech Adjunct Instructor
Maribell Arreguin Radiology Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Arleen Atkins Psychology Adjunct Instructor
Doug Atkinson Information Technology Adjunct Instructor
Brandy Baldwin English Adjunct Instructor
James Bales Nursing Adjunct Instructor
Jerry Barrow Industrial and Automation Technology Adjunct Instructor
Dean Baskerville Music Adjunct Instructor
Jessica Batson Information Technology Adjunct Instructor
Tamar Bell Speech Dual Credit Instructor
Karri Bennington Child Development Dual Credit Instructor
Gina Benton French Dual Credit Instructor
Shelia Bishop Vocational Nursing Instructor
Jackie Blair Industrial and Automation Technology Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Douglas Blount Philosophy Adjunct Instructor
Ronald Blum Welding Dual Credit Instructor
Carolyn Boggs Educatiion, Child Development Professor
Kelly Bohannon Mathematics Dual Credit Instructor
Kristine Boles History Dual Credit Instructor
Cheryl Bostick Life Science Instructor
Cheryl Boswell History, Government Adjunct Instructor
Katherine Boswell Nursing Dean of Health & Human Sciences
Lori Boyd Vocational Nursing Program Director/Instructor
Jacqueline Bradshaw English Dual Credit Instructor
Tiffany Branson Business Adjunct Instructor
Christel Brenner Respiratory Care Clinical Coordinator
Dr. Dana Brewer English Department Chair - Humanities
Kayla Britton Nursing Instructor
Dr. Ted H. Brown Government Adjunct Instructor
Dr. Tasha Brown Psychology , Sociology Department Chair - Behavioral Sciences
James Brownlee Drama Instructor