Weatherford College is committed to providing quality alternatives in the delivery of instruction to students regardless of geographical location. Students not physically residing in Texas are not eligible to receive federal financial aid for online-only coursework. Distance education courses are made available to students via the Internet. The instructor and the students are not in a face-to-face environment when the teaching and learning take place. For detailed information concerning distance education courses visit www.wc.edu/academics/dualcreditelearning


Face-to-face courses are provided in a format which will include 50% or greater required course activity (excluding outside readings and homework) in a traditional classroom environment. Face-to-face courses will typically have online syllabi, gradebooks, and attendance records and may have additional courserelated materials provided at the instructor’s discretion.


Online courses are provided in a format in which 85% or greater of the required course activities are completed in a digital environment. Online courses will typically have the same foundational components as face-to-face offerings along with lecture materials, media-enhanced presentations, discussion forums, chat sessions, writing assignments, and exams. Because these courses are designed to replace the instructor and student interaction of the classroom with equally informative and challenging content, online courses may actually prove harder for some students. When taking online courses, students should anticipate spending more time and energy reading, writing, and working alone than one might normally experience in a face-to-face class. Please remember that, due to the student identification verification requirement, WC offers no 100% online courses.


Hybrid courses are provided in a format in which 51 to 85% of the required course activities are completed in a digital environment. Hybrid courses are steadily growing in popularity because they offer students and instructors opportunities to meet and focus on critical issues while allowing them to address other important aspects of each course through a digital platform. Most hybrid courses at Weatherford College are offered with approximately 51% of required course materials provided online and 49% in a face-to-face environment. Please see individual courses and instructors for exact distributions of content. Because hybrid courses typically meet once per week in each long semester, students may find they can schedule their classes to economize meeting times without sacrificing hours attempted. Students should also consider the time and energy demands of the online components of each hybrid class. As with the online offerings, students in hybridized classes should anticipate spending more time and energy reading, writing, and working alone than one might normally experience in a face-to-face class.


Tuition and fees for distance education courses do not differ from traditionally taught courses at Weatherford College with the exception of the courses provided through the Virtual College of Texas (VCT). Any course taken via the VCT will involve an additional fee.


Textbooks for distance education courses taught by Weatherford College instructors are available at the Weatherford College bookstore. If a student is enrolled in a VCT course at Weatherford College, the textbook must be obtained from the remote college bookstore. 

The Distance Education Office is located on the second floor of the Student Services Building.


Dr. Sarah Lock, Associate Dean of Dual Credit and eLearning