Grades are expressed in letters as follows:

  • A - Superior (90-100*)
  • B - Good (80-89*)
  • C - Average (70-79*)
  • D - Passing (60-69*)
  • F - Failing (Below 60*)
  • CR or Z - CLEP or other credit
    • (See Credit by Examination for more information)
  • I - Incomplete
    • (See Incomplete Grades for more information)
  • IP - No credit, satisfactory achievement. Must enroll in subsequent semester to complete educational objectives
  • P - Passed
  • S - Satisfactory
  • U - Unsatisfactory
  • EW - Enforced Withdrawal
  • W - Withdrawn or dropped from college with no academic penalty
    • (See Drops and Withdrawals for more information)
  • AU, X - Audit

* Grade values may differ in the Health Science programs and in the Fire Science Technology program and Emergency Medical Services Professions.


Grade reports are available online at the end of each semester on Self-Service which may be accessed through the Weatherford College homepage at


The GPA (grade point average) is computed by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of semester hours attempted. Grades of “S,” “U,” “CR,” “W,” “EW,” “AU,” “X,” “I,” and “P” do not affect the grade point average. The following schedule of grade points is used in computing GPA:

  • A - 4 points per semester hour
  • B - 3 points per semester hour
  • C - 2 points per semester hour
  • D - 1 point per semester hour
  • EW - No points or 0 points
  • F - No points or 0 points
  • W - No points


Questions regarding individual grades or how they are calculated should be directed to the course instructor. A student disputing a grade should contact the course instructor no later than 30 days after the grade is awarded. If not satisfied after consulting the instructor, the student may request a review of the grade by submitting a written request to the next level of instruction administration. The administrative hierarchy is:

  1. Department Chair or Program Director
  2. Instructional Dean
  3. Vice President of Academics and Student Services
  4. College President

Disputes involving clerical errors, such as grade transposition or data entry, will be addressed by the Student Services Office.