Occupational Therapy Assistant

Mike McGough, Program Director/Program Specialist
I.B. Hand Building (BUSI), RM 210 A
817-598-8989 • mmcgough@wc.edu

The Weatherford College Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program is a two-year curriculum comprised of classroom, laboratory, and clinical learning experiences. It is specifically designed to prepare the OTA graduate to work under the supervision of a registered Occupational Therapist and provide occupational therapy services to people with physical, mental, emotional, and/or developmental disabilities. Occupational Therapy professionals are skilled practitioners who work with every age group and in a wide variety of settings. OT professionals use occupation-based activities to assist their clients in building skills to participate fully in their daily lives.

Individuals applying to the OTA program must complete five prerequisite courses that provide them with the foundational knowledge they need to move successfully through the program and graduate with an Associates in Applied Science degree. Once accepted into the program, the student will complete five semesters of coursework and clinical experiences specifically designed to build the necessary skills to be successful in practice. Students who complete all coursework with a “C” (75%) or better and successfully complete the assigned Level I & II clinical experiences within the required time frame will then be awarded an A.A.S. and be qualified to “sit” for the national certification examination.


Individuals who have completed the five prerequisite courses or who will complete them successfully by the start of the program and who are free of illegal drug use, are encouraged to apply to the OTA program prior to the second Monday in June. Those who successfully complete this process and are accepted into the program will begin their first semester the following August.

Students applying to the program are required to complete a specific number of documented observation hours with a licensed OT clinician as part of the application process. Students must also pass a background check, present evidence of TSI completion or exemption, complete all outlined health screening requirements, and meet all other college admission requirements. Applications may be downloaded from our program web page.

Degrees and Certificates