Professional Licensure Disclosures

Weatherford College academic programs are designed to prepare students to apply for applicable licensure or certification in Texas and may not meet education requirements for a license or certification in another state. Weatherford College makes every effort to ensure information about educational requirements for licensure or certification information is current; however, licensure regulations are frequently revised.

If you are planning to pursue professional licensure or certification in a state other than Texas, we strongly recommend that you contact the appropriate licensing entity in that state to seek the most up-to-date information and guidance regarding state licensure or certification requirements before beginning an academic program. Separate from educational requirements, state licensure boards may require applicants to complete professional examinations, background checks, years of professional experience, etc.

If you are considering a clinical or field experience in a state outside of Texas, state professional licensing board approval prior to beginning a clinical or field experience may be required in that state. Check with your program’s internship or clinical coordinator with questions about state professional licensing board requirements prior to beginning an internship or field experience in another state.

For licensing board contact information or program approval status please contact the appropriate program director at Weatherford College.  

Student location determination
A student’s location is determined by the current address information listed in the student record (note, student location is determined by a student’s current address in the student record, not the permanent address).

How to make changes to student location:
Students may notify Weatherford College of a change in their location by changing their student record's current address information. Students may change their current address information by:

  • Making an online Address Change through the Coyote Connect portal.
  • Sending a letter- indicating that the change is to your local address, your permanent address or both—that includes your name, signature and Student ID or date of birth, to:

Weatherford College
Student Services
225 College Park Drive
Weatherford, TX 76086

  • Faxing the letter described above to 817-598-6205, or
  • Visiting Student Services on the ground floor of the Student Services Building in person. You need to show your photo ID.