Respiratory Care

Tonya Piehl, Program Director
I.B. Hand Building (BUSI), RM 118

Razaq Badamosi, Medical Director

The clinical practice of respiratory care involves the application of skills and knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases. Respiratory care practitioners engage in the care of patients from all age groups who suffer from a broad spectrum of diseases. They perform their duties in all patient care areas of hospitals, although primary involvement is in the intensive care units. They staff diagnostic laboratories, provide respiratory services for patients at home and in rehabilitation centers, are involved in the transportation of patients who require respiratory care en route, and serve as managers or educators.

The curriculum balances general educational and technical courses with supervised clinical work in local hospitals under the direction of qualified therapists and technicians. Physicians proficient in pulmonary medicine provide medical direction. This setting provides students with an excellent opportunity for educational development and occupational competence.

Respiratory care offers a satisfying and rewarding career for individuals who are interested in caring directly for patients and their families. The health care industry for registered respiratory therapists is increasing rapidly. Recent surveys have indicated that the supply of trained respiratory care professionals has not been sufficient to meet the progressive growth in demand.


Weatherford College offers a transition program to allow those with a CRT credential from the NBRC and a minimum of one year recent experience to enter the therapist program. Contact the program chair for additional information.


Admission to Weatherford College does not guarantee selective admission to the Respiratory Care program. The number of students admitted to this program is limited. Students admitted to Respiratory Care program are selected on the basis of admission to the college, reading level, math ability, prior educational achievements and health status. For specific application information and deadlines, contact the Respiratory Care program director or the academic counselor.

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