Scholarships for the following areas are available: art, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, choir, drama, golf, jazz band, piano, rodeo, room advisors, softball, tennis and volleyball. These scholarships require full-time enrollment.


The valedictorian of any accredited high school in Texas is eligible for a one-year tuition scholarship at Weatherford College provided they attend WC immediately following high school graduation. First- and second-place honor graduates from accredited high schools in Parker County, as well as Hood, Jack, Palo Pinto and Wise Counties are eligible for scholarships in the amount of tuition and fees, excluding parking fees, and books (on loan) each long semester for the two years immediately following high school graduation, provided they attend WC immediately following high school graduation. This scholarship requires full-time enrollment.

NOTE: If a student has two forms of financial aid that pay the same charge (i.e. tuition only), they will not be able to utilize both sources of aid (cannot change one for assistance for books, etc.) For example: the Honor Graduate Scholarship pays tuition and the Early High School Graduate Exemption pays tuition. Student is given the benefit of one scholarship only. In the example, they would use the Honor Graduate Scholarship as the Early High School Graduate Exemption can be used at another school. However, the aid that is paying as of the official census date is the aid that must show as paying the student account and will not be reversed, even if other aid comes in after the census date.


The Weatherford College Foundation, Inc. exists to raise funds to support WC, with scholarships as its number one priority. Through the results of various fundraising events, the Foundation funds many scholarships with varying criteria for acceptance.

Typical WC Foundation scholarships are $1,000 per long semester. In some cases, larger scholarships are available for outstanding academic achievement, including a minimum 3.0 cumulative college GPA, 3.0 high school GPA on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent), or other measures as determined by the Scholarship Committee.


Through the generosity of Weatherford civic leaders and others, this scholarship program was established in 1991. Graduates of Weatherford High School who have met certain academic, as well as personal guidelines, are eligible to apply for scholarship assistance in order to finance their education at Weatherford College. Students are expected to apply for available federal and state financial assistance programs to contribute to the costs of their education. Interested students should apply to the coordinator of the Project Opportunity Program of the Weatherford Independent School District.


An online scholarship application is available at:  

The deadline for applying for scholarships for the Fall and Spring semester of an academic year is in March prior to the beginning of the academic year. For more information on available scholarships and application deadlines, contact the Financial Aid Office.