Six-Drop Limit

Students who enrolled in a Texas public institution of higher education as a first-time freshman in the fall of 2007 or after are limited to no more than six drops during their undergraduate career. The six-drop limit includes courses taken at any Texas public institution of higher education. All courses dropped after the official day of record for the semester will be included in the six-course limit unless the student withdraws from all classes, or the drop is authorized by an appropriate college official as an approved drop exception.

Students may not be allowed to drop a course if they have not provided the College with transcripts of all Texas Higher Education Institutions the student has been enrolled in, and the appropriate College official is concerned that in allowing the drop, the six-drop might be exceeded.

Students reaching the limit of six drops, either at WC or with transferred hours included, will not be allowed to drop any course. However, students who have reached the limit may withdraw from school.

Courses that are dropped on different dates of the semester, but culminate in a withdrawal (student receives a W for all courses that semester) will not be counted towards the six-drop limit.