State-Mandated Testing Requirements

Texas law (Texas Success Initiative or TSI) requires all new students in a public college or university have their academic skills level assessed prior to entry in a college level class. The assessment helps students understand their skill levels in reading, writing, and math and enables them to enroll in classes that appropriately match each individual’s skill level. Weatherford College offers the state-approved assessments in the Weatherford College Testing Center & Wise County Campus Testing Center. For information concerning dates and times of assessment testing, please contact the Weatherford College Testing Center.

All students entering Weatherford College, except those in Level I vocational certificate programs, need to take an assessment exam or show proof of exemption before enrolling.

A student who transfers from a private or out-of-state institution may use transferred courses to satisfy TSI requirements. A student must have earned a grade of “C” or higher in each of the three skill areas. If not, the student must be tested for the remaining skill area(s) and must comply with all other TSI requirements. A student transferring into Weatherford College from another institution must provide transcripts of previous college work to verify TSI requirements. Contact a staff advisor for more information.

Completion of TSI requirements (a passing score on all three sections of an approved assessment exam or completion of the highest level of remediation) must be satisfied before the completion of an associate’s degree or level II certificate. Successful completion of a developmental course is a grade of “C” or better.

TSI Assessment is not used for admission into Weatherford College. However, students required to take the test will not be registered for classes without an advising conference to determine class placement. Proof must be furnished at the time of registration for exemption from the TSI requirements by college transcript, final grade report, or other document.