Texas Christian University ROTC Classes for Weatherford College Students


A long-standing partnership with TCU allows WC students to begin participating in the Air Force ROTC Program. During their freshman and sophomore years, WC students may complete up to five aerospace courses that are part of the ROTC program.

The United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) provides men and women the education and training necessary to develop the management and leadership skills vital to professional Air Force officers. Enrollment in the General Military Course (GMC) the first two years is voluntary for eligible students and does not obligate non-scholarship students for further military service.

Aerospace studies courses are taken concurrently with other degree programs. No degree is offered in aerospace studies, but up to twenty-four semester hours may be earned in aerospace studies over the four-year period. Students who enroll in aerospace studies must attend both classroom and leadership laboratory classes at TCU. The laboratory classes give students firsthand experience in leadership and organizational skills while preparing them for enrollment in the Professional Officer Course.

Upon successful completion of the AFROTC program and baccalaureate degree, a student will be commissioned a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. Newly-commissioned officers can normally expect to be called into active service within 60 days from the date of their commissioning. In certain instances, active service can be delayed by students continuing in post-baccalaureate degree programs.

General Qualifications

A student enrolling in AFROTC must:

  • Be a full-time student (12 semester hours or more)
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be in good physical condition
  • Have good moral character
  • Be no older than 29 years old (up to 34 years old with waivers) upon commissioning

AFROTC Scholarships

Air Force ROTC offers 4-, 3-, 2- and, in some situations, 1-year scholarships. Most scholarships pay for tuition, textbooks, and fees plus a $150 stipend per month during the school year. Requirements for each scholarship category may vary; therefore, applicants should contact the Department of Aerospace Studies at TCU at 817-921-7461 for specific details.

Applicants for a 4-year scholarship must be submitted by December 1 of the high school senior year. Applications for other scholarship are made through the Aerospace Studies Department. Scholarship applicants are selected using the “whole person” concept which includes objective factors (i.e., grade point average, physical fitness test and 1.5 mile run) and subjective factors (i.e., personal evaluations). Students who enrolled in Air Force ROTC generally improve their scholarship selection opportunity.

Additional Information:

  • Texas Christian University
    Department of Aerospace Studies
    2800 W. Lowden Street
    Fort Worth, TX 76129
    817-921-7464 or 1-800-TCU-FROG


WC participates with TCU’s Army ROTC Program. Military science offers opportunities to develop confidence, self-esteem, and leadership and life skills to succeed in college and beyond. It is an academic curriculum that supplements a student’s major and is designed to prepare qualified, high potential students for service as commissioned officers in the United States Army and its Reserve Components (the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard). 

The Military Science Program is composed of a two-year Basic Course, a two-year Advanced Course, and a four-week Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) summer program. Non-scholarship students enrolling in only freshman- and sophomore-level classes incur no obligation to serve in the military after graduation. Upon completion of the requirements for the baccalaureate or master’s degree and military science training requirements, students are commissioned as second lieutenants.

Four-year, three-year and two-year programs are offered. Each program includes the option for qualified students to benefit from a tuition and fees scholarship, and TCU offers room and board grants for qualified ROTC scholarship winners.

Two-Year Program

The two-year program is designed for students who either transfer into TCU or elect to begin pursuing a commission in the fall of their junior year. It includes a paid four-week summer training session between the sophomore and junior years and the Advanced Course described under the four-year program. Application for the two-year program is normally made during the second semester of the sophomore year. However, the two-year program is also open to juniors and seniors planning attendance at graduate school. The monthly cash allowance for students in the two-year program is the same as for other students in the Advanced Course. Numerous full tuition and fees scholarships are available for qualified two-year program applicants.

Military Science Scholarships

Four-year, three-year and two-year scholarships are available to qualified applicants. Scholarships are full tuition. Scholarships can be applied toward tuition and mandatory fees, and provide $1,200 per year for books. The scholarship also provides a cash stipend for each month the student participates in full-time oncampus instruction (limited to 10 months each year). The stipend amount varies by class year, ranging from $300 for freshman to $500 for seniors.

Four-Year Scholarships

High school students wishing to compete for a four-year scholarship should apply during the summer between their junior and senior years. Outstanding candidates can be notified of their selection as early as November of their senior year. Students who wait until their senior year to apply must apply early. Completed applications must be received at the evaluation center before January 10 of the student’s senior year in high school.

Three-Year Scholarships

Freshman students enrolled at TCU or students planning to transfer into TCU at the beginning of their sophomore year may apply for three-year scholarships. Students applying for the three-year scholarship must have at least 27 semester hours credit at the beginning of the sophomore year and meet the other specified eligibility criteria.

Two-Year Scholarships

Any student, presently enrolled or planning to transfer to TCU, who will have 54 semester hours completed by the beginning of the next fall semester may apply for a two-year scholarship. To validate their scholarships, recipients are required to satisfactorily complete a paid four-week summer training session prior to entering school in the fall semester.

Nursing Scholarships

The Army ROTC provides four and a half-, four-, three- and two-year scholarships for students interested in becoming officers in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps. Application forms and information about these scholarships may be obtained by calling 817-257-7455.

Pass/No-Credit Option:

Military science classes may not be taken on the Pass/No Credit basis.

Additional Information:

  • Department of Military Science
    Texas Christian University
    TCU Box 298910
    Fort Worth 76129