Transfer Admission

Transfer students are admitted under the following conditions:

  • College transfer applicants are considered for admission on an individual basis. An official transcript from the last college attended must be submitted directly to the Weatherford College Student Services Office by the institution
    previously attended. Transcripts from the last college attended must either be on file at Weatherford College or an unofficial copy hand-carried for temporary admission until the start of the next registration period. To be eligible to register for the next session, the official transcript(s) must be on file. If the student hand-carries a transcript, it must be in a sealed envelope and must bear the issuing college’s seal to be official. Students transferring in with a GPA below 2.0 from the most recent college attended will be placed on academic probation upon admittance to Weatherford College (please refer to page 50 of this catalog for more information about Scholastic Probation and Academic Probation). Students who are in good standing at the previous college will be admitted unconditionally at Weatherford College. Students on academic suspension with two or more semesters of attendance at another college will not be admitted. Students on disciplinary suspension will not be admitted.
  • Transfer students will be advised regarding the number of transferable credits. Transfer students should request that coursework from other colleges be transcripted to their Weatherford College transcript. This is done in the Student Services Office. Or by completing the form located at
  • Credits from international colleges and universities are accepted upon translation and evaluation of transcripts. Course descriptions may be required to complete transcript evaluation.
  • Weatherford College is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC). Eligible credit will be awarded from military schools and training if it applies to the student’s major. Weatherford College will accept the CCAF, and Joint Services Transcripts (JST).