MATH 0314: Intermediate Algebra (Pre-College Algebra)

Class Program
Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3 Lab Hours 1
Clinical Hours
32.0104.52 19
This course prepares students to enroll in MATH 1314, College Algebra, and other higher level mathematics courses. This course will be taught in a Co-requisite modality as an 8 week course. It will be paired with MATH 1314 for the second 8 weeks. This course presents terminology, concepts, and techniques needed to begin a study of functional algebra. Topics include functions, polynomials and factoring, rational expressions and equations, set operations, solving absolute value equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations and inequalities, radical expressions and equations, and solving quadratic equations and inequalities. This course is designed for students whose placement scores indicate that they would have difficulty passing a more advanced course at the college level. This course will not transfer to a senior college; however, it will count for Non-degree credit from Weatherford College. Attendance and tutorials required.


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